Thursday, October 23, 2008

5 Days Down

We have 5 days down out of the 10 day wait before we get our acceptance letter.  They say 10 business just a few more days to go.

A sweet story form Kaylee...
After we told the kids about the adoption, Kaylee and I were driving to OKC to see Pappy.  This is what she said:  "Mom, it doesn't matter that my sibling will be brown. God loves us all the same."  This statement from her is a sweet reminder that God is in charge.  I know that we will have issues come up with our child being a different race than we are.  However, God is in charge and will help lead us through these times.  I know he will give us the right words to say!

Facts about Rwanda:
1.  Kigali - the capital - is the city in Africa most frequently visited by American Christian Rock Bands and stadium-filling Evangelists coming to convert Rwandans to Christianity (despite the fact that almost everyone is Christian already). 

2.  Fried grasshopppers are a delicacy in Rwanda, but you have to keep the lid on the pan while you are frying them alive, or they tend to jump out. 

3.  50% of the population of Rwanda is under 18.  

4.  Rwanda is well known for its Gorilla population - as popularised in the book and film Gorillas in the Mist