Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How we think we got here

When Ryan and I look back on our lives over the last few years, we are amazed. We can know see God in every aspect of it.  You don't see the big picture when you are in the daily grind.  It is hard to see it when you have laundry, dinner, kids activities, jobs, etc.  Here is how we think God put all the pieces into place to start this journey.  First of all...boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy and girl get married, boy and girl have 2 little kids, then....

Summer 2003: Internal strife of Sunnybrook. We made a commitment to stay at Sunnybrook and converted our college student memberships to regular memberships.  We went down front on Sunday with PA to do this.  Ashley Weichbrodt was in the crowd but didn't know us.

Fall 2003: We are invited  by Ashley Weichbrodt to join Drew & Kim Henderson's Lifegroup from church. Ashley's son went to Kaylee's school and she thought she recognized us  from going down front at church so she talked to her LG about it and they asked us to be a part of their Lifegroup.

September 2005: Jake & Erin Moore joined our Lifegroup. They moved to Ethiopia in January 2006 to be missionaries.

March 2006: New Orleans/Hurricane Katrina Mission Trip with the Sunnybrook Youth for Ryan.  This was Ryan's first mission trip.

October 2006: Ethiopia Mission Trip with Sunnybrook Ministers & Rande Butler.  After Ryan went to New Orleans, he really wanted to go on another mission trip.  Some of the church staff were going to Ethiopia to support Jake & Erin and they asked Ryan to come along. Ryan fell in love with the continent of Africa.  

March 2007 - Summer 2008: Ryan has gone on several mission trips (I think we are up to 9 or 10).  This is his passion.  He loves helping people as well as getting to know others along the way.  His compassion to helping others is truly inspiring for me.

October 2007: Ryan goes to Catalyst with a group from Sunnybrook. He is truly changed. He struggles to figure out how we need to change so that we can better serve God in our lives.  I have the same realization...is this it? Is this what we are living for? New house, new car, etc...we both want to do something different but don't know what it is.

Late Spring 2008: Rande & Casey Butler asked us to serve on their adoption committee. They are adopting a little boy from Ethiopia.  Rande has a blog that she started.  I love reading their blog and she has other adoption blogs connected to hers.  I have spent countless hours looking at the adoption stories of people and their children from Ethiopia.  Seeing the faces of little ones who were once orphans is just awe inspiring. 

Summer 2008: I feel a burning in my heart to adopt a child.  I have spent so much time looking at other people's journeys and researching international adoption.  I truly feel that this is what we need to do.  I talked to Ryan about it early September. 

October 2008: Ryan and I decided that we do indeed need to do this! We fill out the application and send it in!  

So that in a nut shell is our journey as we look back.  So many pieces had to fall into place, for this to be possible.  God is amazing at his plan!

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Erin said...

Ashley, I am re-reading your journey. It's kind of nice to go back and see the history unfolding. And I am re-amazed at how God uses all of us to build one another up. Thanks for sharing your journey