Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our journey begins.....

Who knew this is where we would be!  God has a great way of continuing our story without us even knowing.  Ryan and I have decided to adopt a child from Rwanda. 

We thought our family was complete. We had always said that we wanted 2 kids and we were blessed with K and C.   However, a few months ago, the desire to adopt was placed upon my heart.  I was so scared to tell Ryan...I thought he would for sure say no.  But he did not!  Instead he did his "research" and came back a few weeks later with a "I told Rande we are thinking about adopting."  This blew me away!  And from there we have started the process.  We completed and shipped out our application last Tuesday and got a call from AWAA on Friday saying that our application was complete and they were sending it to the next department!  We should hear back in 10 days. Then we start our Home Study. The home study should take approximately 6 weeks.  

A few facts about Rwanda:
Population: 10.1 million
Has the largest population of orphans in the world
Is know as the "Land of a Thousand Hills" 

Next post...
Looking back, putting the pieces together to see how we started this journey

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Bridge said...

God is so good! We can't wait to see the precious child he blesses your family with. Thanks for letting us be a part of this journey! You all will be in our prayers!!

The Youngs