Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Appointments & Family Coordinator

We have scheduled lots of important appointments this last week!  We are having our first home study visit next Wednesday, November 19. That is so exciting to me to be able to really begin the far we have just signed our names and sent $ :).  

Then the entire family as times to go get our physicals and blood work done. Mine is tomorrow morning :) The rest are next week.  I can only eat until midnight tonight (my appt is at 9:30) so after this I am off for a snack!

We also were assigned our Family Coordinator today.  This is our main contact at AWAA and should be with us through our dossier process.  Her name is Duni and she is actually from Africa. She is over the Africa program currently at AWAA. We are excited to have her.  She has already shown much knowledge in our questions! 

Some other exciting news..our friends Rande and Casey (see blog roll) got their state notarized dossier back today. So now they just need to send it to AWAA then it is off to Ethiopia. Congrats you guys! 

Be praying for us over this next week as we start completing lots of documents, meeting with Amber (our home study person) and going to our appointments!  Pray for our child too....  

Now I am off to get something to eat...there is probably a cookie around here somewhere! 

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