Saturday, November 8, 2008

Background Checks, Physicals & Home Study, OH MY!

Happy Saturday!  We have had an eventful end of the week with our adoption. I have mailed off our background checks which will take approximately 4 weeks to be returned.  According to Amber, our homestudy person, this is the document that takes the longest.

We have also scheduled our first home study visit.  Nov 19 will be our initial meeting with Amber.  We have lots of paperwork to fill out before then!  I printed off the packet and was like "wow"!   We will meet 4 times over the next 6 weeks. AWAA likes for us to do our dossier at the same time as our homestudy so hopefully both will be complete before Christmas.  

The entire family has to get physicals.  We also all have to get TB test.  I had that in high school and remember it burning. Like fire to be exact. The kids will not be excited about that at all!  I am debating whether to tell them ahead of time.  I am wondering if they could do it simultaneously on the kids.  I know when one starts screaming the other will run towards the hills!  

Please pray for our child.  That they have clean water to drink and food in their bellies.  Please pray for their mother, father, family. We don't know if they are even born yet.  This process has me in AWE!  It smacks me right in my face with FAITH.  I bought a sign today at Hobby Lobby. It says "Faith is not believing that God can, it is knowing He will." 

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Vincents said...

How exciting! The TB tests weren't so bad. My boys did great. I just told them it was like a mosquito bite :) Did your agency give you a timeline? Are you guys requesting a specific gender? Have fun with your homestudy!