Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thoughts on the meeting today

Our first home study meeting is complete!  We met with Amber for almost two hours going over all the information. There is so much that we need to do and alot of it has to be done at certain times. We gave her probably half of the paperwork and we will work on the other half.  She explained the difference between the home study packet and the dossier packet. The home study is a snapshot of us that she uses to complete the home study report that she will include in the dossier. The dossier is all of the information that the Rwandan government will need from us.  

We also did the home tour.  That was very non-eventful. She just looked in the rooms and that was about it!  I think it is more to ensure that we have enough space for a child.  

Next Tuesday we will meet to have our individual interviews as well as interview with the kids. She talks to the kids about their thoughts on this process. So that will be interesting to hear how they vocalize to her what they are feeling about the adoption.

Another thing Ryan and I are working on is deciding whether to get one child or two. We were talking about getting a sibling group.  Amber helped us think through this process.  We will just need to be broad in our requests. She said that this will make the matching process go faster as well.  So we have specific wording that we will need to use in our dossier.  Since we will be broad in our request, we really don't know who we will get.  One or two, boy or girl, then ages (3 months to 3 years).  So it will be so exciting to see who God bring us. I envision the day that we find out who we are matched with to be like finding out the sex of our babies in the ultrasound room.  We will see how many and what kind!  That would be so neat even if it was twins!  Amber did say that AWAA has had a few twin sets come through but they are rare.  

Today was a great day!  I feel so at peace with this process which is totally not like me since I am kind of a planner :).  I know God is with us and I love the calmness that I am experiencing!  

Please be in prayer for our little one(s), for his/her parents and for the individuals caring for them.  


Vincents said...

Sounds like things are going great for you guys. Not much news here.. we are just biding time waiting for the CIS approval to get back so we can submit our dossier to the Rwandan Embassy in the US. Have fun with the individual interviews... that was my favorite so far!

Tina Harriman said...

Just found your blog and think it is so exciting how many people are adopting from Rwanda. We adopted a 1 year old boy last can read about out journey at
My friend just returned home with 2 two and a half year old boys...they are not twins or biological brothers, but have been in the orphanage together since they were tiny. God bless you on your very exciting and rewarding journey!