Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Our marriage certificate arrived today in the self-addressed stamped envelope that I had sent back on December 2nd.  I am thinking that maybe Charles, the guy at the OK county courthouse, was confused the two times I called him and he said they had been sent. The letter included was dated December 29th, which is the 3rd time that I talked to him.  I at least have them now!

So, tomorrow, I will be getting a money order for quite a bit of money so that the US government can allow our child to become a citizen of the United States.  One thing that is neat about their citizenship is, once we have done all of this prep work (I-600, Visas, etc) and we are on our way home, as soon as they step foot on US soil (aka the jetway of the airplane) then  they are a US citizen.  Tomorrow, I will send off all of our documents to the Department of Homeland Security down in Oklahoma City.  We will then wait for them to send us a letter for us to come and get fingerprinted. Then we will wait some more.

Another thing that happened yesterday is that AWAA approved our home study report. Amber then brought our official copies to us.  So, the Home Study is officially done!   So exciting!  

We are really now just playing the waiting game. 

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Update

Our Christmas has been wonderful! The only thing that would have made it absolutely perfect is if we had our new little one running around... Next year, oh, next year!  

This week has been not quite as productive as I thought it would.  Our home study as not been approved by AWAA yet (they have had it for over 2 weeks).  Amber really thought they would get it approved before Christmas but it did not happen.  Then, our marriage license that I sent away for on December 2nd still has not arrived.  I even called Charles down at the OK County Courthouse and he said he wasn't sure what happened to the first one so he sent another one.  That was over a week ago.  So much for the Priority Mail Pre-Paid envelope that I included with my request!  That leads to our immigration documents (I-600A) not being sent off yet.  I need to include a certified copy of our marriage license.  So, hopefully the first few days of next week will be a bit more productive!  

We hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas.  

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fun Little Things

So the mailman brought something fun today. It is my second purchase for our new little one.  The first one is a Christmas present so I can't tell. The second is their stocking! I was able to find one that matched K & Cs (thank you ebay!). I am so excited!  I love to be matchy matchy and if I was unable to find one (they are from 2oo6) everyone would have gotten new stockings. But that won't happen because I found it!  

My sweet little daughter even said "Mom, when we know what the baby is we can get their name put on it."  This is a girl after my own monogrammed heart!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last Home Study Meeting

Today we had our last home study meeting! We have had 4 meetings in a little over a month. We talked with Amber about any questions that we had as well as the next steps that we need to start taking. 

We got the OK to send off our Immigration documents. This is huge for us.  It is also a long wait...it is supposed to be 60-90 days but it is looking like it may take longer than that if we judge on how long some of our other adoptive friends are waiting. Hopefully, the back log will get caught up and it will only take the time they say (wishful thinking for my impatient soul).  We will be completing that document and sending it off along with our money order in the next few days :).  One thing that we have found out is that every document is attached to money somehow.   

In the last week, we also have reviewed our actual home study report.  This is a short history of Ryan and I's life. It is interesting to see how Amber interpreted some of our answers about our childhood, marriage, children, etc.  All in all it was pretty accurate (I think it is supposed to be, yes?).  

So from here we are on the dossier side.  This is the governmental paperwork. We have gathered all but a few documents and have faxed them to our AWAA coordinator in Virginia for approval. All have been approved so far!  We lack 4 out of what seems 100s.   Once we get the other 4 complete, I will drive down (thanks Rande!) to OKC to have them all authenticated. For our friends in Ethiopia, they only needed one authentication document for their notaries. We get to authenticate each document (yes, all of them) that we had notarized.  This basically is saying that the state of Oklahoma approves of the notary who approved/notarized our documents.  O.K.  Then more stuff after that, but that is all for tonight...

As I look around my daily life, I am reminded of who is coming, who is waiting, who is wanting us.   As I type this, I realize that our little person in Africa is somewhat like Jesus.  Jesus is coming again.  Jesus wants us.  Jesus waits for us patiently.  In this season of Him, I rejoice in knowing that I will hold our little one soon as He will come back soon to us as well! What a glorious day both of those days will be.  

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This week..

So the kiddos are in bed so that will have to be the next post!

Just wanted to give an update what should happen this week...
1) Get our Home Study Report from Amber
2) Send away our Immigration Documents (will take 60-90 days to return)
3) Faxing more documents to Terra for our Dossier (she approves them so we know we got them right before we send them all to her officially
4) Get our certified copy of our marriage certificate via mail

On another note, we have decided to request one child.  We were thinking of requesting a sibling group but after much though and prayer, we have decided to request one child in our dossier. We are going to leave our government paperwork to say one or two children just in case there is another little one in Rwanda that is a sibling to our little one that we see once we get there.  That way we will have the official paperwork done if that does occur.   I do believe that we will be adopting again after this first time but it will be down the road. 

I am still so excited about this process.  I know that the waiting time will be hard but my heart is so happy with the thought of our child joining our family.   I can't wait to hold him/her for the first time and feel him/her close!  

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

3rd Home Study Meeting Done!

We just finished up our 3rd Home Study meeting with Amber. It went really well! I was able to give her lots of notarized documents and we finished up our interviews.  We had a couple interview today and then Ryan finished his personal interview.  We were a little "scared" about the interview process from what people had told us...but it wasn't bad at all.  We were both pleasantly surprised by how easy it actually was.

Amber will now complete our home study report and plans to have it to us by next week.  We will then be ready to send our Immigration forms to the government. This process takes a long time, we are talking 60-90+ days of waiting for someone to complete our forms.  Once we receive these forms back, we will send our dossier to AWAA. We do have most all of our dossier complete.  We lack only a couple of items which I will get ready this week.  So the waiting time has begun.  We will wait for our home study report, then for our immigration documents, then for our authentication documents, then for AWAA to translate and approve, then for the Rwandan government to approve and match.

I know that this road will be long but am ready to start the waiting. Every day that we wait just brings us that much closer to our child being home!  Thanks again for your prayers and support during our journey! We appreciate all of you!

Next post...Kaylee and Cannon's view of our adoption