Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Our marriage certificate arrived today in the self-addressed stamped envelope that I had sent back on December 2nd.  I am thinking that maybe Charles, the guy at the OK county courthouse, was confused the two times I called him and he said they had been sent. The letter included was dated December 29th, which is the 3rd time that I talked to him.  I at least have them now!

So, tomorrow, I will be getting a money order for quite a bit of money so that the US government can allow our child to become a citizen of the United States.  One thing that is neat about their citizenship is, once we have done all of this prep work (I-600, Visas, etc) and we are on our way home, as soon as they step foot on US soil (aka the jetway of the airplane) then  they are a US citizen.  Tomorrow, I will send off all of our documents to the Department of Homeland Security down in Oklahoma City.  We will then wait for them to send us a letter for us to come and get fingerprinted. Then we will wait some more.

Another thing that happened yesterday is that AWAA approved our home study report. Amber then brought our official copies to us.  So, the Home Study is officially done!   So exciting!  

We are really now just playing the waiting game. 

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