Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last Home Study Meeting

Today we had our last home study meeting! We have had 4 meetings in a little over a month. We talked with Amber about any questions that we had as well as the next steps that we need to start taking. 

We got the OK to send off our Immigration documents. This is huge for us.  It is also a long wait...it is supposed to be 60-90 days but it is looking like it may take longer than that if we judge on how long some of our other adoptive friends are waiting. Hopefully, the back log will get caught up and it will only take the time they say (wishful thinking for my impatient soul).  We will be completing that document and sending it off along with our money order in the next few days :).  One thing that we have found out is that every document is attached to money somehow.   

In the last week, we also have reviewed our actual home study report.  This is a short history of Ryan and I's life. It is interesting to see how Amber interpreted some of our answers about our childhood, marriage, children, etc.  All in all it was pretty accurate (I think it is supposed to be, yes?).  

So from here we are on the dossier side.  This is the governmental paperwork. We have gathered all but a few documents and have faxed them to our AWAA coordinator in Virginia for approval. All have been approved so far!  We lack 4 out of what seems 100s.   Once we get the other 4 complete, I will drive down (thanks Rande!) to OKC to have them all authenticated. For our friends in Ethiopia, they only needed one authentication document for their notaries. We get to authenticate each document (yes, all of them) that we had notarized.  This basically is saying that the state of Oklahoma approves of the notary who approved/notarized our documents.  O.K.  Then more stuff after that, but that is all for tonight...

As I look around my daily life, I am reminded of who is coming, who is waiting, who is wanting us.   As I type this, I realize that our little person in Africa is somewhat like Jesus.  Jesus is coming again.  Jesus wants us.  Jesus waits for us patiently.  In this season of Him, I rejoice in knowing that I will hold our little one soon as He will come back soon to us as well! What a glorious day both of those days will be.  

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