Sunday, December 7, 2008

This week..

So the kiddos are in bed so that will have to be the next post!

Just wanted to give an update what should happen this week...
1) Get our Home Study Report from Amber
2) Send away our Immigration Documents (will take 60-90 days to return)
3) Faxing more documents to Terra for our Dossier (she approves them so we know we got them right before we send them all to her officially
4) Get our certified copy of our marriage certificate via mail

On another note, we have decided to request one child.  We were thinking of requesting a sibling group but after much though and prayer, we have decided to request one child in our dossier. We are going to leave our government paperwork to say one or two children just in case there is another little one in Rwanda that is a sibling to our little one that we see once we get there.  That way we will have the official paperwork done if that does occur.   I do believe that we will be adopting again after this first time but it will be down the road. 

I am still so excited about this process.  I know that the waiting time will be hard but my heart is so happy with the thought of our child joining our family.   I can't wait to hold him/her for the first time and feel him/her close!  


Jen said...

Hi Smith Family- Thanks for introducing yourselves on our blog, I thougt I'd drop by and say HI too, and we're praying for your adoption process too!
The Cropfs Jen BIll Emilia Philadelphia, PA

brenda said...

I am so proud of the Ryan/Ashley/Kaylee/Cannon Smith