Thursday, January 15, 2009

Part 1: It Came

Just a few short hours ago, I was on Facebook and put this as my status:  "

Ashley Bertram Smith

Then, we were on our way to take Kaylee to piano when we checked to see if the mail had come. Right there in my stack of bills, invitation, junk mail, they were there. Two envelopes addressed to Ashley Bertram Smith and Ryan Wayne Smith. They just happened to be from the Department of Homeland Security. I squealed with delight (yes squealed!) when I opened them to see that we have our appointment for our fingerprinting/biometrics!  Our appointment is in 2 weeks!  Yeah for us!  

I tried to call Ryan to share my excitement but he was in "a meeting" a didn't answer. So, I then called my friend Bridgette and got to share my excitement with her!  Little steps like this are just so exciting! I see God working in this journey! I didn't expect this this soon but here it is :). So hopefully that will mean the rest of the immigration process will go quickly as well.

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