Thursday, January 29, 2009

A very productive day!

Today was a great day!

We go the kids off to school then began our dedicated adoption day. By dedicated, I mean we had 2 important things to do for our adoption process. We headed down to OKC. Our first stop was the state capitol to visit the Secretary of State to get all of our notarized documents (all 23 of them) authenticated. This means that the state says that our notaries were all true notaries (not frauds, expired, etc). This cost us $478 dollars. It seems that Rwanda needs each document authenticated. Ethiopia, on the other hand, just needs one document authenticated for the packet which is $20. So this would explain the range that they put on the adoption fees sheet ($20-500).

So we left our precious dossier documents with Pat and she told us that they would be ready sometime after 1pm. We then headed to Target (yeah!) and did some perusing. After Target we went to Coits for some yummy lunch! If anyone is in the OKC area, I highly recommend Coits, it is a childhood favorite! From Coits we headed to the Department of Homeland Security. We had a 12 o'clock appointment to be fingerprinted. We arrived early and waited until the 15 minutes before window arrived. We were making our way into the department when a lady stopped us and said "you have to come back when the light is on". Ryan and I both visualized a red light saying "ok, come in". We went ahead into the department and were met by the security guard, Elijah. He proceeded to tell us that the building didn't have electricity and we should come back in "a couple of hours."

Great! So, we decided to go wait at a local Panera. We waited until a little after 1pm then headed back to the department. Thankfully, the electricity ("lights") were back on when we arrived! We then waited for almost an hour before we were finally called back. Once we were called back, we waited in another line. I noticed a smell and couldn't quite place it. Then as we came closer to the counter, we noticed the "Orange Tuff" (the knowledge of owning a janitorial business) on the counter. We cleaned our fingers with it in preparation for the prints. Then we were called back to another room that had computer finger printers. They put our fingers (separately of course, meaning Ryan on one computer and me on the other) on these glass pad things and then our prints magically appeared on the computer screen. It was pretty cool to see! Then we were done! The finger printing to all of about 10 minutes.

Then we headed back to see our friend Pat at the capitol. She handed me our now authenticated dossier documents and we were on our way back to Stillwater. We had such a productive day and got to enjoy each others company ALL DAY! That doesn't happen very often (spending all day together and then enjoying it :).

Now we wait. We wait for the approval from the US Government to say that our adopted child can become a US citizen. The paperwork says this should take 6-12 weeks. We will see how long it actually takes!

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butlerfam said...

i pray that your approval goes smoother than ours!!!