Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All it took was some crackers

This is a video that I watched on several other adoption blogs. It is heart breaking. Just saying that, some of you will choose not to watch it.  But you need to watch it.  This story has haunted me since I watched it a few weeks ago. I do believe that God keeps reminding me of this so that I will share it with you.

This is the story of Sam, Esther & Jane. This short video is a reminder of why we need to help. Simple things like donating to organizations like Life Water, Mocha Club, World Vision, Blood Water Mission, Compassion International, Heifer International do make a difference.  Bigger things like going on mission trips to remote areas of the world to help, teach, and love.  

So I ask that you watch this short video (you need to watch it in it's entirety).  Watch it, pray about it, learn from it. We have to do something...   click here


manapier said...

Yes, this video made me cry. I am amazed that God allows us to be disciples and meet the needs of those who have no apparent hope. May those of us who are called the sons and daughters of God and heirs with Christ be compelled to do something to reach out to those in need anywhere around this world.

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

hello to the Smith's.

We are the Gobbles (go-bulls) :-)
and we live in Perkins.. so only about 15 minutes away.... I found your blog through the Gibson's blog and I am so excited!!!

We are adding you to our prayer list and wanted to just introduce ourselves... from what I"ve read on your blog it looks like our stories are alot the same... thought our familes were complete... God had different plans!
We are really excited and can't wait to follow your family and this journey to your baby.
Many blessings,
Lanetta Gobble (and family)

The Gibson Family said...

This video is so powerful!! I had acutally watched it already from the Gobble's website and cried so hard...I think the rest of the day. I hope it touches the heart of everyone to really do something to help. What a testimony you are for compassion and love. We are glad to share this journey with you.