Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A sense of completion

Today was a great day!  I went to the city this morning and in just 15 minutes I had our last 2 documents authenticated.  I then headed back to Stillwater to start the coping process.   It took me a bit to get all 3 copies made of our dossier. That thing is thick!  Then I overnighted our precious little bundle of paperwork to AWAA.  I feel a sense of completion in sending in our completed dossier!

What is next on our timeline... according to our family coordinator:
1) AWAA will look through all of our documents and approve them 
2) Then they send it to the Rwandan Embassy there in D.C. (1-2 weeks for #1 & #2)
3) Once the embassy gives our paperwork the OK it is returned to AWAA
4) Then it is off to Rwanda for their approval
5) Once it is approved by the Rwandan government, AWAA works with several different approved orphanages to find a match for us (this process #4 & #5 could take at the longest 5 months)

That is all that I have for now.  If you have a second, go to the Greer's site. They were just approved by Rwanda to adopt (which is step #4 above). They are so close to bringing Myles home! Peter, of the Greer's, is the president of Hope International which is a wonderful organization helping the poor.

**if you click on the blue words, it will take you to that site


Greers said...

SOOOOO exciting!!!!! We will be praying!

Greers said...

and, thanks for the shout-out to HOPE International!!!