Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2 Great Updates!

I have 2 great updates for today!

1) The best news first! Our dossier has been delivered to our agency in-country staff (yesterday).  So hopefully today or tomorrow it will be taken to the Minister.  Then we wait for them to approve us.  There really isn't a timeline on this approval but I am thinking quick thoughts!

2) Our shirts are in!  We have gotten the first round printed. For those of you who have purchased shirts, they will be delivered or in the mail the next fews days. Thanks so much for your support! 

Here are some pics of the kids modeling their shirts (Cannon is multitasking-modeling AND watching TV.)  

3) If you would like to purchase a shirt, let me know the size and color (brown or pink).  They are $15 each.  The sizes are S-L adult then, XS-L child.  Please email me ashleysmith@brightok.net.

The back of the shirt says: I'm telling a story with my life, and you are telling a story with your life, and when we are telling our stories, we are setting the compasses of the people around us.  Stories are the most powerful way to teach, and we are learning how to live through the narratives of our stories. And God is saying "I want us to tell better stories."  -Donald Miller
Here is the design. If you would like to read the background behind the shirt, click here.

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Kaylee Smith said...

I love my new shirt momma! Thanks!