Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Across the Pond

I tracked our dossier this morning and it has gone from Virginia to Indiana to Poyle GB.  Some of you may ask (as I did), where is Poyle GB?  So I went to my trusty Google and put in "Poyle GB." Nothing of worth was found! So I then went to Mapquest, which couldn't find it either.  So, my last resort was to call my trusty husband!  After explaining that it was "P"oyle not "C"oyle (which is a town close to Stillwater) he said that GB was Great Britain. So to make a long explanation even longer, our dossier is now in Great Britain!   The delivery date is March 31 so this may be a long Fedex journey to get to Rwanda.  I will keep you posted!

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Vincents said...

Hey Ashley,
Our dosser is in Poyle as well. I bet they are on the same flight! How funny. I hope some of your quick turnarounds can rub off on our paperwork so we can both be hurdle free in Rwanda :) and travel together. That would be very very fun! Perhaps God is designing it this way for a reason!!! Alisha