Friday, March 20, 2009

Dossier & Tshirt Update

So, it is still at the embassy at the "new guys" desk.  I talked to Terra yesterday and she said that ours (along with several other dossiers) are still at the embassy. She said that she doesn't expect it to be there more than another week.  The embassy will call AWAA when it is ready to be picked up then it will be shipped (that day if possible) to Rwanda.  Terra said that she would send us a tracking number once our dossier is shipped.  Not the news that I wanted when I talked to her but it will do. Our process really has gone so fast that I cannot complain one bit!  

Here is an update on our shirts:
Wow!  The response from our shirts has been great. I ordered around 50 shirts!  I placed the order on Tuesday morning and it will be printed next Wednesday (March 25).  So I hope to have them either that afternoon or on Thursday.  I have started taking orders for the next printing so let me know if you would like a shirt (see post below).  We are excited about our shirts and can't wait to see them in person!  Thanks to all of you who are helping us bring our child home!

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