Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Great Blog To See

Rande shared a blog with us today:

Please take a few minutes to look at it. This couple is adopting from Rwanda. They have pictures on the site that are amazing.

I see the bunk beds and it makes me cry. The little bodies on what seems to be a huge bed. I know it is not as big as it seems. But seeing them there alone, so sad. I am saying to myself "we are coming, we are coming" as I see the little faces. Hope our trip is sooo soon!


Sherry Hight said...

Found your blog today. Read through practically your whole adoption journey thus far. My family have just begun the process of adopting from Rwanda thru AWAA. It is fascinating watching other people in the process. I will be watching your blog and God bless your family. Thank you!

Suzanne Tackett said...

Wow! The pictures were amazing!!! I think it is amazing and cannot wait to meet the new Smith!