Monday, March 23, 2009

On it's Way...

We received notification today that our dossier was picked up from the Rwandan Embassy and was mailed to Rwanda today!  I have asked our family coordinator for the tracking number as she said that that would be available.  I want to keep track of the journey that our paperwork goes on.

This is what happens next:
1) Once our dossier arrives in Rwanda, the Minister of Gender & Family Promotion will need to approve it (yes, more approvals...) This could take a few short weeks!  We pray that it does.
2) Once we are approved, our dossier is sent to the approved orphanages to match us with a child
3) Once we accept the referral, a court date will be set (this is the date that we will travel around)
4) We travel to Rwanda to bring home our child!

My heart is overflowing today with this news.  We are so close to brining our little one home!


Greers said...

This is GREAT news!!!!!!!

Kara said...

Oh my...that is great news! Praying things happen quickly and you have peace while waiting...if you are a little like you were in college, i know you are impatient as i am :)

Breanna said...

I am so excited to meet the new addition to the family. I pray for him/her daily. You all are an inspiration to me.

manapier said...

How wonderful for you all and especially for the little one that God has waiting for you!