Monday, April 20, 2009

A Fun Day!

Our Pasta & Popsicles luncheon was a success! It was so fun getting to be with our church family who we love and who care about our adoption. Our volunteer "staff" was absolutely amazing! Every detail was executed perfectly! Thank you, thank you thank you to everyone who helped:

Bridgette, Jeff, Jennifer, Andrea, Jim, Joe, Tara, Melissa, Matt, Tommy, Mac, Matt, Max, Belinda, David, Denise, Robin, Rande, Cindy, Dan, Wayne, Barb, Maya, Alan and Pam

Another big thank you to everyone who came out to eat and/or purchased shirts. Your support for us is treasured beyond words! Thank you for hearing about and helping us complete our story (at least this chapter ;). We were able to raise approximately $2900 that will go towards our adoption costs.

Thanks again for a great day!

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