Tuesday, April 7, 2009


As I sit here trying to get caught up on emails, event planning and cleaning the house, my mind keeps wandering to Rwanda (specifically a little soul who is waiting for us).  Both of the kids are asleep in their beds and Ryan is in a snowy Kentucky on a mission trip, so it is quite.  I have read on lots of Rwandan blogs that there have been several Rwandan approvals and referrals in the last week.  I am not sure how long the families waited to be approved or referred.

In our relationship, Ryan has a history of getting "gut feelings" that are always right. Unfortunately for me, he is almost always right anyway but that is a different story. He had told me about a month ago (before we sent our dossier) that he had a gut feeling that we would have our child by May.  I trusted him as I always do because he is "always right."  I got excited and figured that we needed to get stuff down around the house.  I had a list for him to complete (which he did, thanks Ryan!) before our child came.  But today is April 7th.  The Minister has had our dossier for about a week.   On the blogs I am reading, the Rwandan government approval is taking anywhere from 2 to 5 months.  So just being a week in isn't looking so good and it isn't looking like May.  Now the optimistic side of this is that our adoption process has all gone VERY quickly.  We started mid-October and then our I-600 was approved in a record 2 weeks (usually 6-12 weeks approval time).  So I am keeping my hope that the Rwandan approval will go quickly too.  

Off to plan a jsl luncheon, adoption fundraiser and Easter dinner!


Sherry Hight said...

Just curious...what are you doing for your adoption fundraiser? My husband and I have been tossing around different ideas.

Kara said...

praying for you as you wait! I can only imagine the difficulty! I remember waiting to conceive so it is similar I guess! I got my shirt and I love it! Thanks...hoping you get more orders!

manapier124 said...

It is in God's hands, but that's the safest and most sure way for it to be. I pray that the remainder of the adoption process goes as quickly, or more quickly, than what has already transpired. It may be May afterall and you will be prepared completely! Love you all!