Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well, no news from Rwanda this week. I contacted our Family Coordinator and she replied that there will be no updates until we get our approval. The agency is not in contact with the government there. There is an in-country representative that is "in charge" of our dossier but they don't give updates. Her exact words were: "Our country representative is in communication with the Ministry in Rwanda regarding all of our families who have dossiers in their office. As an agency we contact families once their dossier has been approved. If there are any issues along the way we will be sure to let you know."

So, I guess that we will know nothing until we get our approval or if there are issues. That is a bit disappointing for me. There seems to be other bloggers who get updates on their dossier (from their agencies). There also seems to be other programs that have more communication with the countries they are adopting from (Ethiopia). I am chalking it up to Rwanda being a "new" program. To put my optimistic spin on it, I would rather have a quick adoption process then communication. My little planning mind would just appreciate communication!

Kaylee and Cannon talk about them all the time. Kaylee is really wanting a girl! She even drew a picture of her and her little sister. Cannon is still sticking with "I want a boy so that we can wrestle." We are so excited to have them home! We continue to pray for our little one too. We pray that they have food in their belly, clean water to drink, and to know that we are coming to get them. Will you join us in our prayers? Pray that our little one is being well cared for, has proper nutrition, has a nice place to sleep and play. Thanks!


Kari said... your blog:))
We are so thrilled you will be able to join us for the 1st AW Africa Reunion!! whooohooo
I understand the pain of noooo updates, but sometimes you can get an official update & things crash & change. Your attitude is wonderful! Hope you hear news on your approval soon! This is so exciting to see the doors open in Rwanda:)
Can't wait for our kiddos to meet!

Our Journey to Rwanda said...

Ashley- Love your blog. I had been reading it after a link on someone else's blog, so it is so good to officially meet you now! I look forward to reading more about your journey. My email is
Emily B