Thursday, May 28, 2009

Approval and Kiddos

Our new documents have been approved at the US State Dept and are at the Rwandan Embassy.  Woo hoo!

While we are some pics of Kay and Can.  Lots of baseball the last few weeks!

Mr. Cool on First Base. Needs shades because his future's so bright.

Headed off after a great hit past the pitcher's mound.

Sliding into home! He loves to slide. Slides into every base but first. Every. Base. Look at the look of sheer joy on his sweet little face!

She is headed to camp next week.  We will miss her sweet little face!

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manapier said...

Your little Rwandan child will have super siblings to look up to! Cannon and Kaylee are each a joy to see as they grow up and learn more about their world. Thank you for bringing them up in the power of God. The best is yet to come... It's only in His grace that we live and move and breathe. Keep looking to the things of Christ and you can't go wrong! Love you all, Margaret