Thursday, May 21, 2009

It Is Not About Me

God is God and I am not.  All that happens in my life has nothing to do with me.  It is all about His plan, His future, His glory.  So it doesn't matter that new updated documents are needed. It doesn't matter that I am ready for my sweet little child to come home. It doesn't matter that He is not adhering to MY schedule.  It is not about me, so it just doesn't matter.  I need to surrender to His plan and see what He brings. He has THE plan. He knows what is best for our family. He, and only He, is control.  It is ALL because of HIM.

Another great song by Fee. Glad to hear it so that it puts me in my place.

Off to OKC tomorrow am to get the new documents authenticated. I will do it with a smile on my face and this song on my lips.


manapier said...

God's timing is everything...your child is waiting for you to be connected with him/her at just the right moment in time. Your paperwork will be just in time because of God's hand in all of this and your child will be so blessed because of His perfect timing. Love you all and am praying for no more "glitches."

Kari said...

Hang in there!!! All the changes will drive a normal mommy crazzzzyyy!!! Your spirit is right where He wants you to be!! His timing is perfect. Believe me... I understand how hard the wait is. He is faithful. Praying for all our Rwanda families!!!