Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Looking into the future...

Our dossier has been at the Minister's office for around 37 days! We are hoping for a short approval time of 60 days (2 months) so if that happens to be the case then we are half way done with our wait.  I am hoping and praying that this is the case :). 

The family of the Miles to Myles blog is in Kigali right now! They met their son, Myles, for the first time on Saturday.  Take a few minutes and visit their blog.   The pictures of Myles and his family are such an inspiration.  After seeing the pictures, my friend Denise said it best,  "just think how much his life is changing and the love he will experience as part of the family God found for him."   It truly is overwhelming to think of the love that they have for that little boy. You can see it in their faces.  You can read it in her previous posts. 

This mother's love is the same that I feel for our little one.  I think about them and pray for them several times every day.  All kinds of feelings overcome me when I think about our future together as a family, God's plan for us, and when this process will all be complete.  I look at other blogs of families who have their little ones home and imagine what ours will look like. What color will their skin be (I know brown but there are so many shades!)? Will they have any teeth yet? Will they have dimples? How old will they be? Will they be a boy or a girl?  I am so excited for God to reveal who he has for us.  I am ready.  

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