Saturday, May 16, 2009

So not adoption related

So I walked in to the kitchen this mid-morning.  I look out the window and hanging on our bird feeder is this:

A squirrel, right in the middle of our large kitchen window.  Ryan and I strategically placed the bird feeder so that the squirrels couldn't get it. By the looks of it, he scaled down the brick then onto the chain that holds the feeder.  

So, I thought to myself.  I wonder how close he would let me get. I have never seen a squirrel up close. Usually they are either a) dead on the side of the road or b) running away from me. So here is my upclose and personal moment with said squirrel.

He let me get really close. This is taken without a zoom, so there was pretty much just a pane of 1960's glass between us.  He's kinda cute.  He stayed there until I banged on the window to get him off of the bird feeder.  He has his own feeder (full of corn) on the tree across the deck.  This he wouldn't let me get a picture of. I guess the banging scared him :).  

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