Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Update

Tomorrow morning I will pick up our new notarized physicals then take our guardianship form to be notarized.  I plan to drive to OKC on Friday for the state authentication. Then I will Fedex our new forms to Virginia.  I spoke to our family coordinator today and we had a good conversation. 

She said:
1) our dossier is on hold until we get the new documents to Rwanda (so we have lost our place in "line" until they get the new forms)
2) as soon as she receives our documents, she will take them to the US State Dept to be authenticated (this could be done the same day since there are only 3 forms)
3) she then will take them to the Rwandan Embassy for approval (she said that this approval is only taking 3-4 days (instead of 2 weeks) because it is only the 3 documents (not the entire dossier)
4) the forms will then be fedexed to Rwanda and our dossier will be considered complete again

So realistically, if everything works like it should, our new forms could be on their way to Rwanda by next Friday (May 29).  Travel time for the forms is usually about a week so by the June 5 the forms should be on the Minister's desk.  So it looks like we will just be delayed about 2 weeks, instead of 4 weeks, which is good.

I was hoping to have an approval by the end of May instead of sending more documents, oh well.  I know that His timing is right for everything but it is hard for my heart to understand.

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