Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Friday was a great day for 2 fabulous reasons:

1) We saw Kaylee at kamp! We attended her closing ceremonies at K-Kountry. It was so good to see her face and squeeze her neck!  We went back this morning and got her for good.  We drove home this afternoon and the kids are already in the pool. 

2) On our way to see Kay on Friday, we received an email from our family coordinator. Our documents were approved at the Embassy and are on their way to Kigali to meet up with the rest of our dossier. I tracked the package and right now our documents are in Memphis and should arrive in Kigali on Tuesday.   I am so excited about this. Hopefully our approval/referral will come in the next few weeks!  This week will make 12 weeks that our dossier has been in Kigali.

So a fabulous Friday was had by the Smith family!