Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My blogger friend Kari is highlighting an organization each week that helps in Africa. Her family is also adopting from Rwanda and is right there with us on our time line. This week she chose Axis of Hope (www.axisofhope.org). The program is based out of the School of Education at Boston University and their own description is as follows: Axis of Hope teaches our world's youth and educators international conflict analysis, management and prevention skills. By teaching them to develop trust, compassion, and empathy for one another Axis of Hope seeks to change the landscape of conflict, and create the prospect of future peace, beginning today. A workshop was conducted in Rwanda in 2007 and the attached video is from that trip. The video also features pictures of the students with orphans at Home of Hope orphanage, the orphanage where our child will probably be coming from if we are approved.

This video is really amazing. You can see the poverty, beauty and hope of Kigali. At minute 2:09, I began seeing little faces and instantly my mind said "which one of those is mine?" It was heart breaking to see all those children waiting... then they showed the baby room...so many cribs, so many babies. But everyone, the children, volunteers, orphanage workers looked happy. They had joy in their faces. This is reassuring to know that the children there (mine and others) are being taken care of by HIM. Take a few minutes and watch this.


parrishnwc said...

Wow, that was great. It is great that they find a child for you because I don't know how you could chose just one after you see this. How precious they all are. Looking so forward to your new one. Please hurry Lord!

Greers said...

Hey--thanks so much for posting this. I KNOW the boy in many of the pictures (apparently one of the students of Axis)...he is the president's son!!!! :) (yes, the president of Rwanda). I recognized several other of the girls too!!! Crazy!