Friday, October 23, 2009

Didn't get my wish

Well, my birthday is just about over and no call from our social worker or information from our agency. I am bummed at this point. I am sad, frustrated, want to yell at someone to give me some info. But then what good would that do? None. So I am just going to bottle up these negative feelings and try to enjoy the weekend with my sweet kiddos (and eat cake!). Ryan is out of town until Sunday so we have lots of time to fill!

I do want to say something to my readers. I am thankful for you. I am thankful for my friends (both blog andy real life). I am thankful for my church family. I am thankful for my regular family. You all have rallied around us during our process. Many of you have offered support to me during my emotional waiting times. Many of you have given encouraging words. Thank you for this. Thank you for loving the four of us and for loving our child who is waiting for us. We love you all and know this process would have been a lot tougher without you!

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Susie said...

Happy Birthday. Doesn't Veronique know the power she had to grant all your wishes?! Oh well.... I hope it was a good one. Here's to next year - when you'll celebrate 34 as a complete family!