Tuesday, November 3, 2009

B.... Beloved

Recently someone said to me that they didn't see how a mother could love her adoptive child as much as a biological child. To say the least, I was blown away by this statement.

You see, I have loved our child since we began this journey. It is a love that has grown stronger and deeper each day that passes. I feel no different towards Kaylee and Cannon then I do towards our Rwandan child. There are no walls that divide my love. My heart overflows with love for each of my children. My heart aches to know our Rwandan child. My heart yearns to be with them.

Here is a question I would pose to people that think the above statement is true, if you have multiple biological children, do you love any of them more or less than the other?

In my opinion, love does not know how a child came to your family. Love doesn't know skin color. Love doesn't know blood family from God's family. I don't think that God's love is biased...he loves us, his adoptive children, as much as he loves Jesus, his only biological son.


Laurel Greer said...

Ohhhhh Ashley--that person hasn't adopted. I love our biological children and adopted child with the same unconditional love, there is absolutely NO difference at all in the love I have for both my womb and heart-born children.

Suzanne Watson said...

I'm sorry. That is so hurtful and absolutely NOT TRUE! It's amazing the number of hurtful comments we've encountered through this process. A few months ago when I was talking to a women about our adoption she was shocked and almost horrified when she discovered that we had decided to adopt before we have biological children. She made sure twice in our conversation that were also going to have "kids of our own." Unbelievable! I hate it when people say that! It doesn't matter to me if my children are biological or adopted. It's all the same in the Lords eyes.

Ellen Enright said...

I'm so sorry that statement was made. I, too, have been asked that question. It's not only shocking, but very hurtful. It is such an untrue statement. I only hope these comments are never made in front of my children. It really just blows my mind the questions that people think they are allowed to ask and how truly ridiculous they are.