Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big Update!

We are leaving for Rwanda on Thursday (like in 2 days!)! AHHHHHH! I can't believe it!

Flights were available. We are available. We are on our way.

Only a few more days till we have Gracie in our arms!


Our Journey to Rwanda said...

See you soon!! Can't wait for all of us to meet! Emily

Margaret Napier said...

Yea! Like this is the happiest Thanksgiving ever! Have a safe trip and let the whole Smith family know I'll be praying for everyone involved in this special new beginning. -Ms. Margaret

Bon Bon Mom said...

I haven't stopped thinking about you since I saw R's tweet this morning. Wow. Remember when we were praying for a November court date so that hopefully she'd be home in 2009? Now she'll be with you for Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

How AWESOME!! I have just loved keeping up with this journey! Can't wait to see all of you together! Love you and miss You

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

What a Thanksgiving, huh? Travel safely and congrats again!