Thursday, November 5, 2009


As we were driving to the airport today, I asked Ryan to help me come up with a “d” subject. Some of his suggestions were “delusional”, “disconnected from reality”, and ”“disillusioned.” And for those of you who know my husband, this will not surprise you. Ryan calls himself a realist. I call him a pessimist.

Ryan helps me to keep realistic expectations. When I get all excited about some blog buzz, he not so sweetly brings me back down to earth. There have been so many times throughout this adoption process that things have not gone as planned. So many times where someone would say something would be done by a certain time and then it isn’t done when they said it would be. Ryan expects this. I am crushed by this.

We are getting so close to having our child home from Rwanda. We are getting so close to seeing their little face and knowing who they are. We are totally devoted to this child and are dependent on God to see us through the rest of this journey.

We did get confirmation that the courts will close in Rwanda on December 5th and will stay closed through December. Please join our family in prayer that our referral comes in the next few days, that a court date is set for before December 5th, and that God continues to guide us with his strength and love.


Ryan said...

I am not as bad as my wife makes me sound. Promise. (I will concede, however, that I am a realist.)

Our Journey to Rwanda said...

Ashley- Maybe our husbands were twins separated at birth! They sound so alike! Here's hoping for an exciting few days- Emily

Our Journey to Rwanda said...

ok- I didn't know I posted the verification word in the comment box!! So, sorry about the "ediva"- Emily