Wednesday, November 11, 2009

J...Just In Case

You wanted to know.... Here are the kids responses to us telling them about their new little sister.

Kaylee was so excited. She really wanted a little sister! On the way home, her thoughts started going crazy. She asked "What color are we going to paint her room?" then followed with "we have so much to do!" This is a girl after my own heart :). Getting excited for all the little details that we need to do before we bring Gracie home.

Cannon was excited too. He seemed to take after his father with a quiet excitement. He did gaze at little Gracie's picture for awhile. He did say on the way home "I wanted a brother so that we could wrestle." I then reminded him that he will need to be strong and protect Gracie. He will be her big brother. On the couch yesterday, we were looking at Gracie's picture. I told Cannon, "You both have brown eyes, you match!" He then followed with "and we have the same color hair!" So, I think he is definitely coming around to having a little sister.

We are all just so excited that we know who our child is. Her face is stuck in my head and I just can't get it out. I think of her by name now and look at her sweet picture multiple (MULTIPLE) times a day! And as Kaylee said, we have so much to do!


Bon Bon Mom said...

Loved hearing this story. Your "big" kids will make such great big brother/sister to Gracie!

Laura E. said...

He will find she will like to wrestle with her older brother!! That is something special they can do together.