Friday, November 20, 2009


So, lots of things going on this week!

1) Our court date is Monday! We should know when we wake up if we are legally Gracie's parents! Then we will be able to show her picture :)

2) We have travel tickets on hold for December 11. Ryan is working hard on the travel part but it is hard to plan when we don't know the dates of when we will need to be there! We were told that we would receive tentative travel dates today.

3) Originally it was thought that our Ethiopian consulate appointment could only be on one day. The consulate only has so many appointments on this one day. However, we found out that families with children from Rwanda can go any day at any time! They call them "drop-in" appointments! This will make figuring out our travel so much easier! We will have an appointment made for us but it could be at any time.

4) Friends are coming to help me paint Gracie's room tomorrow! Can't wait to get her room started! I almost have it ready to paint.

5) We are all just so excited to have Gracie home!

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Suzanne Watson said...

Hey! We'll be in Tulsa Dec. 26-Dec 30. You will have probably just gotten back from Rwanda. If your up for it maybe we can come to Stillwater one day to meet Gracie and the rest of the fam.