Saturday, November 28, 2009


What a day today has been! We started the day bright and early and headed to the DC Dulles airport. We flew for what seemed to be forever! Stopped in Rome for fuel, another long flight to Ethiopia, then another flight to Uganda then on to Kigali! We arrived here about 3 hours later then expected.

Our POA met us at the airport and told us that we were going right to the orphanage! We stopped at the hotel just so the luggage could be dropped off. Then off we went to the orphanage. We got to see a small part of Kigali as we drove. There were lots of wedding taking place today!

We arrived at the orphanage and within minutes they were bringing out our children. We have traveled with the Spores and the Bowers. First, little Cooper Spore was brought in, then Sonya Bower, then Gracie Smith. The first 2 kiddos did well but when the sister tried to hand me Gracie she started to cry...then Sonya started to cry. I fully expected her not to want to come to me and for tears to flow. After about 20 minutes or so, I was able to hold her. She was very shy and kept an eye on all of us. She didn't want to go to Ryan or the kids for a little why but she eventually warmed up. We even got to see her teeth! She does have them. After about 45 minutes, she started to show just a bit of personality. She went to Ryan and he held her for awhile. We walked around with her, holding her hand.

The kids are of course all excited and just want to touch her. She does have a belly on her! I will have so much more to write as the days go on but wanted to give you just a brief update!

Pics aren't loading so I will try to get it figured out!


Bon Bon Mom said...

Loved seeing the picture on Ryan's tweet. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! Can't wait for pictures! So wish I was there with you to see all the kiddos and take pictures for you!

brenda said...

Trying to look for any postings...just read this one to Jackson and told him he has a new cousin named Gracie!

mike and amy said...

Congratulations! We are so delighted to know that you are in Rwanda now and holding your beautiful daughter. Awesome!! We know what that transition time is like as your new child adjusts to you and we will be diligent to remember you and the other families in prayer throughout your stay in Africa. Thank you for taking the time to blog, I know how exhausted you must be.

Vincents said...

O ashley.. how perfectly amazing! So happy to see your posts!

KLTTX said...

I can't wait to see pictures. You brought your kids with you? How old are they? How did they do on the flight?