Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One week

We have been home for 1 week today. Some of this week has been a blur due to the exhaustion! But we have been blessed with friends, yummy home cooked meals and continued prayers. I appreciate everyone's love for us and helping to make our first week at home be so easy! Everyone is settling into our routine. We are looking forward to Christmas Eve and Christmas. There are reports of snow for us in OK so we will see if it actually happens.

We are all just about back on our normal sleep schedule. This morning we made it to 6:30am! I was so excited when I rolled over and saw the time. We are still exhausted in the evenings, around 5pm we all start slowing down and by 8pm we are all ready for bed. But we are powering through and staying up to about 9pm.

I have so many thoughts about what we saw in Rwanda and Ethiopia. As I visit with our friends and family, memories start to come back to me. I plan on sharing some of them with you here. I think that God put us on this journey for a reason. I think that part of the reason is to share with you what reality is in other parts of the world. I think that part of the reason is to plant a seed of adoption or helping out a child in some way. Those thoughts are soon to come...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful blogging! I have been following your journey - amazing and so wonderful!
Keep in touch Ryan and may this Christmas be filled with much continued joy!
In Christ,
Lisa Zisa
Lifewater International

Laurel Greer said...

I'd love to talk more about what you learned!!!!