Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update on us...

We arrived home last night! We had a long flight and were happy to finally touch down in OKC. We had a group of friends who met us at the airport. They were all a welcome site! I could not contain my joy of being home. Tears of happiness, relief and exhaustion flowed! It was so good to get and give hugs! None of us have been away from home this long and boy did it feel great to see their faces! Then, we were chauffeured home and we were all amazed at how good walking in our door felt.

When we arrived home, the first thing we did (after enjoying some treats in the kitchen) was go to Grace's room. Our friend has been working hard on our little girl's room. We had painted it pink and I told her the rest was up to her. We walked in and loved it! It is the perfect room for Grace. Unique and girly, a perfect nest for her to grow in. Here are a few pics...

This is above her bed. Her bed is a darling cream day bed!

Her dresser with a beautiful hand painted mirror.

Bookshelf and my grandparents rocking chair. Also, the globe is one from
Ryan's collection and of course it is fixed on Africa!

The AWESOME window treatment. Yes, that is a branch and yes, there is a sweet little bird.
Thanks again to our dear friend for doing this for Grace. We are so thankful and amazed at your creativity!

Today we all woke up around 6:30 am after 6-7 hours of sleep. The kids slept pretty good and I think the adults did too. We woke up, had breakfast then started getting ready for school. The kids were excited to see their friends. After we took the kids to school, we went up to our business and saw our friends there. Then we headed to buy a Christmas tree! We usually do artificial trees but this year (since Christmas is next week) we opted for a real tree to save the hassle of taking everything out of the attic. Grace had a fun time in the shopping cart!

We then headed to run a few more errands. I think Grace likes her car seat and she like seeing Papa in his rearview mirror. Now they (R,K,G) are down for naps. C wanted to stay at school and have rest time there. We are all so excited to be home. Our house feels so good and just being "home" is the best feeling in the world. Now, it is time to start getting ready for Christmas and to get rid of the pumpkins in the front yard!


Laurel Greer said...

ADORABLE!!!! Welcome home!

brenda said...

Thanks for posting the room. I wanted to see it. Glad you are all home safely.

Jim and April said...

LOVE the window treatment...what a clever idea!

Allie said...

Welcome home! Thanks for sharing Grace's room! The thought of you all being together for Christmas makes me smile. So happy for you!

Our Journey to Rwanda said...

Oh, we miss you all so much!! I am so glad to know you are home, safe and sound. I love Grace's room. I know she must just love all the girlie touches- now all she needs is lifetime supply of lotion! Please give Denise our love. I pray you all have a blessed Christmas- Emily