Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today is another amazing day! We had a great morning shopping then heard the stories of each of the children were found (3 in our group). It is amazing to drive around the city, see the people, and wonder what their stories are. You can really tell a difference when you move from the main part of the city to more of the "suburbs." It becomes busier and there are people everywhere. We had lunch at the Bourbon Cafe again and it was great! It is kinda like Panera bread.

This afternoon we spent several hours just playing outside with the families. All of the kids (our 3 who are 8, 5, 2.5) then another family here with us (13, 9, 8, 2) and then another family (15 mos). They played tag, some fisherman/deadfish game, freeze tag, etc. The babies and the moms watched from the sides why the dads and big kids burned off some energy! Tonight has been quite except for the crying during Grace's bath. She is just not sure about that big old bath tub. This bath was better than yesterday's though! She didn't scream the entire time, just cried. We are making progress! Tomorrow I am going to try to brush her battle a day.

The picture above is Kaylee and Grace today at lunch. Kay figured out how to make her sister smile and laugh. And she laughed alot this afternoon!

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Joy said...

What a gorgeous smile! I'm so happy that things are going well for you all. And oy, the toothbrushing...good luck! Our three-year-old still isn't crazy about it!