Friday, January 8, 2010


I took Grace in for her first round of vaccinations. She did really well until the shot part. She got 5 shots today. Then in 1 month we go back for 5 more. Then for her 3 year old check up she will get the rest and she will be all caught up on vaccinations. Our pediatrician was able to count some of the vaccinations that she received in Rwanda but not all of them due to when they were given.

I hate the shot visits. The sweet little babies just cry and look at you like "why does this hurt?" And there is nothing you can do about it.... We want our children to be healthy and protected from all those rotten diseases!

She is napping now but before kept pointing at her legs (that is where her shots were given). I am sure that it doesn't feel very good. So it will be a tylenol/motrin day today!

Here is a picture from happier times...G typing on her laptop. She goes and gets it anytime one of us is on the computer.


Heidi said...

We did shots on Wednesday, and it is no fun! Was your doctor surprised at how many immunizations Grace had received in Rwanda? We found out today Cooper tested + for giardia...any word on Grace?

Jim and April said...

how cute is that pic of her! :0)

brenda said...

hi from MIMI B