Monday, January 4, 2010


We have been a family of 5 for 38 days. It is hard to believe that all of the waiting is over. We did alot of work and tried to be patient for just over 13 months. It took just that long to go from this:
to this:
As I look back on our journey, I am just amazed. I stand amazed at God and am in awe at all that He has accomplished through our journey. We have met a lot of people, shared our story with a lot of people, and hopefully planted some adoption seeds.

I have grown so much through this journey and feel like I am a better person, a better follower of Christ. He definitely tore me down on several occasions but then I leaned on Him and He built me back up. Some of the sights I saw while in Africa, I will never be able understand. However, I know that God has a plan for everything. I pray that I continue to lean on Him in my daily life...

We have been home for 19 days. In this 19 days, we have thrown in a baby shower, Christmas, New Years and family visits. Wow! Grace is doing great with the exception of sleeping. She goes to bed fine but thinks she needs to come to bed with us at 2:30 every. single. night. In the 19 days of being home we have only slept the entire night for 1 night. Ryan and I look forward to that happening again soon.

An update on Grace, she
1) loves her baby doll! She loves to feed it and push it in the stroller.
2) is a great eater! Eats just about everything.
3) likes to go in the car!
4) is a great independent player, not too clingy
5) is great at doing tasks (putting her shoes away, her coat in her cubby, picking up her toys)
6) loves to play with the bubbles in the bath tub
7) is still obsessed with her "Papa"
8) loves to point out people's items and then say their name (ex: my purse: mama, Ryan's tool: papa, Kaylee's ds: aylee)
9) loves to change clothes and would do it more if I let her
10) is more affectionate

Grace is coming along on her language as well. She can say about 15 words/phrases and learns something new every day. She understands a ton and it is easy for me to communicate with her.
Grace after playing outside in the cold.

The big kids are also doing well. They are anxious to get back to school and our routine. We were back only 3 days before the Christmas break so they have been out of school for 5 weeks!

Cannon loves to pick on his little sister. I think he has even lessened picking on Kaylee for teasing Grace! Cannon turns 6 in just a few weeks and is very excited.
C giving me a sweet and innocent look

Kaylee is a super big sister. She loves to help me which I am very thankful for. Her extra set of hands is always appreciated!
K & G

2009 was a great year for the Smiths. I pray that God continues to challenge us in 2010. I have a feeling it is going to be another good one!


Our Journey to Rwanda said...

Oh my word- you have just described Sonia to a T!! Sad to say that I am glad we are not alone with the sleeping problems. Her time of choice, however, is about 1:30...Love the pics! Emily

Happy Girl said...

Ryan and fam, what a great bunch of snapshots - you all look so happy! Blessed New Year to you all! Lisa Z. Lifewater