Sunday, February 28, 2010


So this thing that is "black hair" is simply amazing. Ryan and I watched "Good Hair" last night, a documentary that Chris Rock did for HBO I think. Being a pale skinned woman, I never had any idea of what women of color go through to get their hair to look like they want it to. The documentary focused on the relaxing procedure, different hair products ranging from weaves and extensions, and the beauticians that make hair look good. Ryan and I spent most of the time with our mouths hanging open in awe of the money spent and the time involved.

After watching the show, I felt for our little Grace. Wow, I don't think I have ever felt so unqualified as a mother. Kay's hair is no problem. We have our system down. Grace, on the other hand, this will be a learning process for sure. I knew that this would be an issue (me and her hair) but I didn't think it would be such a difficult one to master.

So today (after some styling product opinions were given) I headed down to Sally Beauty Supply and searched the ethnic hair aisle. Of course, this Sally's didn't have any of the products that were recommended. Thank goodness there were two lovely ladies already doing some shopping. I asked for some help and they did just that. I now have two new products to try on Grace. Her hair is really starting to grow and is looking a bit unkept even though she always has a cute little bow on her head. I also think that her hair is really dry. I put on a conditioner each day but it is just not doing the trick. I am hoping that the new hair butter and luxury conditioner will soften her luscious locks.


-Isaac said...

Funny.. i just made a similar post on our blog. Looking forward to watching this show. “Our Blog”

rarmatisfurr said...

I have a lot of black friends who promise to tell me if Elsa has "bad hair" and I'm going to a hair class in Chicago soon. I'll keep you posted if I find any good tips! I also get overwhelmed thinking about it, as before Elsa came we didn't even own a hairbrush for the boys! AHHHH.

Laurel Greer said...

Love that you wrote about this. It has been such a wonderful education with our Myles' locks. Love the curls. How often are you washing Grace's hair? We only wash his every 10-14 days (but condition it whenever he takes a bath) and continue to use that product I told you about, every morning. It took until like 2 months ago to finally figure it out though--let us know what you learn!

Laura Unruh said...

Hey! I have been following your blog and my husband & I are now in the process of adopting through AWAA to Rwanda....anyway, we already have two brown babies(and I have 5 African American siblings) and my sons hair has been easy, but Addie is totally different! Like someone said, only wash it once a week to every 2 weeks. It really dries out their hair. I love, love, love Pantene's ethnic hair line (in brown bottle) and their conditioner. Instead of putting in leave in conditioner every day, put in hair lotion (Target usually has a good selection)..and if she'll let you wrap her head in a silk scarf @ night, that helps lock in the mositure (our daughter refuses this:) Brush/comb/pick it out every day after you put in the hair lotion. I swear, my 2 year old has more hair product than I do:) We started doing braids with beads when it got long can leave them in for 2-ish weeks and helps their hair grow faster...You'll get the hang of it! It's been fun watching your family's journey!
Laura Unruh:)