Saturday, February 13, 2010

Today was Cannon's last wrestling match of the season. Since Ryan is missioning in Mexico, I got the pleasure of taking C to weigh-in at dark o'thirty. Man, was this an experience. I have never been in a room that was so full of pre-pubescent as well as in-smack-dab-of-the-middle-of puberty boys. The room had an odor that was a mix of smelly feet and outside boy smell. Ew.

Most of the boys seemed to be around 12 to 14 years old and there I was with my 6 year old (talk about akward). He seemed so small in the room full of almost men. He shed his clothes (all except his singlet which is a whole different story on why this was chosen for wrestlers to wear) got in line with the kids who were 2-3 feet taller than he was and made his way up to the scale. He didn't go over his alloted weight so off we were to McDonald's to pack it back on.

As we left the weigh in room I had a flash forward to what Cannon will be like in just a few short years. I imagine him being taller, more muscles and unfortunately hairier. This hair is unfortunate because he already is pretty hairy (gets it from his Uncle Jim). I hope that he stays sweet and loving like he is now. Don't get me wrong, he is ornery and inappropriate at times but if he is in a cuddle mood he is as sweet as he can be. He loves to be loved on. I am okay with that.

This was Cannon's first year to wrestle so the "W" column isn't as full as the "L" column. He tried his best though and wrestled hard. We have told him that as long as he is aggressive and really tries, we will be proud of him no matter if he wins or looses. He gave it his best effort today but we came home after his 2 losses. I enjoyed watching him this season. Wrestling is a sport that I do not know much about. When I think about that, there are probably a hundred reasons why I wasn't educated on this sport.

Cannon giving me a goofy smile in between his matches.

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Jami said...

That sounds like quite the experience ! hehe... I think Cannon will always be a sweetheart ! He makes my day with his hugs,big smiles, and out of the blue sweet comments ! The other day Mrs. Puckette was ill and I had lunch with the kids. We were at the lunch table and one of the kids whispered in my ear," Cannon said to pass this on... "Mrs. Germain is cute..pass it on!!" I looked over at him and he is just beaming !! Yeah, he made me day for sure !!! :)