Monday, March 8, 2010

Coming along...

100 days ago

We have been home with Grace for 81 days and had her with us for 100 days. When you look at the numbers it seems like such a short amount of time. However, we feel like she has been with us forever.

She started speech therapy this week. Currently, her vocabulary is 20-30 words (including family names). Now, let me say that not all of the words are crystal clear but she does use words for specific items/places, etc. Just this past week, she has really started to talk alot clearer. She is trying new words and can understand just about everything you say to her. Her comprehension of English is really phenomenal. Now we just need to get her talking more. I know it will come.

Relationally, Grace is doing wonderfully. She is still VERY attached to Papa and prefers him. I did have a few days where I started to get jealous of their attachment. Not that I didn't want her to be attached to Ryan but that she would show me the same love. Mama just wants a little lovin' after all of the hard work I put into her daily life. She does like me and asks for me when I am not around. So that too is coming slowly but surely.

Kaylee and Cannon continue to amaze me. They have been so great with Grace. I really thought that we would see some sibling rivalry by this point, but none to be seen yet. Cannon is in full big brother mode and several times a day we hear "no, no Ya-Ya" come from Grace's lips. Grace calls Cannon "Ya-Ya." At first I thought that he wouldn't like the new name but now that is how he references himself when he is with Grace. Kaylee is our little mother hen. She loves taking care of Grace and always wants to help. "Ya-ye" and "didder" are Kay's new names. She loves them of course.

Grace's favorite things to do are to have a tea party and to play dress up. Every day at some point she has on some random dress up clothes. We gave her Kay's dance recital costumes and she LOVES them! She gets into Cannon's dress up too which is always good for a laugh.

Darth Vader/Football Player/Jazz dancer

Health wise she is also doing better than expected. She did have some issues but almost all have been cleared up. I think that just getting her on a well balance diet and on vitamins really did so much for her little body.

We are so blessed to have Grace in our family. She is affectionally known as "a pistol, stubborn and hard headed." She definitely fits in to the Smith clan. To those of you who feel something stirring in your soul and aren't sure what it is, I ask that you pray about adoption. There are millions (yes, millions) of little Gracies in this world. Some here in America, in Africa, in China, in Russia... every country has orphans. We are all called to take care of these orphans (James 1:27). Just start praying and see what He does. I bet He will amaze you!


manapier said...

Absolutely love the dressup Outfit! Congratulations on it being 100 days together, and I can't wait until Gracie is part of the CDL family.

Love to all, Ms. Margaret

Heidi said...

WOW - 100 days. It seems like just yesterday that we were all getting on that Ethiopia Airline flight from DC. We are so excited to see how well Grace is doing!

Chad & Heidi

Our Journey to Rwanda said...

Missing you and your whole family. So fun to see your comment on Jessica's blog! I love to read your updates and I didn't even realize it had been one hundred days. Amazing. Love you all

4-more said...

Just wanted to see if we had permission to use your comment on our blog from 10/29/09 in marketing materials/documents used to show support comments for 4-more and it's projects?

Thanks and hope you and your family are doing well!

Director of Marketing