Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today I was making some iced tea and it hit me again. The memories of my Pappy (my grandfather). You see, he died when we were in Rwanda. Actually, he died on the day we met Grace for the first time. Amazing isn't it, how God ushers out one life and brings another life in. Seeing that we had just arrived in Africa there was no way for me to go back for the funeral.

Over the last few months, memories creep in. It usually is something that is specific to my Pappy. Tea for instance. He drank tea every day. Tea and water were the only things he drank. He would have a big old glass and when it was empty he would hold it up in the air and rattle the ice that was left. Anyone around would know that Pappy needed a refill and whoever was around knew that they were to get the refill for our patriarch as he lounged on the sofa.

Another memory that came this week was from the blooming of daffodils. My grandfather was an avid gardner. He grew iris and day lilies from the time before my mom was born. He competed in state competitions and took great pride in his yard. He was always trying to teach me about different plants and the soil that they grow in but unfortunately I have a black thumb. Every time I see an iris I think of him and I always will. Iris season is just around the corner...

The first few weeks even months after coming home with Grace were so full of her and our new family. Trying to learn about her personality, her likes/dislikes. Learning with our big kids about the new lifestyle we had taken on. All of this has kept me busy, kept my mind busy.

Spring is coming, flowers are blooming, our life is now in an easy pattern. Memories are starting to flood. He loved my kids. Kay was his first great-granddaughter. Cannon is named after him. He would have loved Grace's stubbornness (that is definitely a Parrish trait).

Memories of me and my Pappy come and then the fact that I didn't get to say goodbye. I know that he is in Heaven now. He is not in pain. This all makes me happy. But it all seems unfinished to me. I hate that I missed being able to say goodbye. How bittersweet life is sometimes.
Pappy and Cannon in January 2009. He loved this kid!

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Elaine said...

Yes, he loved you, Ryan and the kids. I was glad that he was able to see Grace's photo when I took my camera to the nursing home. He had me show all of the nurses.

You wrote a beautiful blog about him. He would have loved it. It made me smile and cry.

Thanks for remembering him !!!