Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grace turns 3

The birthday girl and her "izza"

my babies

Grace about to open her presents. She has the stop and smile pose down!

Showing you "elno"


family pic (thank heavens for 10 sec timers!)

We had a wonderful day with Grace on her 3rd birthday! She woke up kinda grumpy but by the afternoon she was happy and was enjoying all of the attention. She said "tank tou" to all who said "Happy Birthday Gracie!" She enjoyed her pizza and loved her new "Elno" set. She even started to sing "Happy Birthday" along with us as we sang it to her. What a blessing she is to us, orneriness and all!


Ellen Enright said...

What an absolutely stunning smile on a beautiful little girl. Happy birthday!!!!!

spipkin said...

What a great family pic! Looks like everyone enjoyed Gracie's birthday!

Tristen said...

We are in the process of adopting from Rwanda, just finishing up our homestudy! :) I would love it if you added us to your Rwanda blogs... reading other's blogs has been very encouraging and informative for me- thanks!