Monday, May 31, 2010

Holy Moly

Picture taken by Averi Blackmon,

The last 6 months have been wonderful, hard, fun and exhausting. Getting to know our daughter is something that we work at everyday. With our bio kiddos, we were able to watch them grow and develop their personalities and habits since birth. With Grace, we were thrown into a 2 1/2 year old who is very independent and some times down right ornery. Alright, most of the time down right ornery.

On several occasions, Ryan and I have been taken by surprise. We go about our daily habits, rituals, schedules then bam! we realize there is a little brown girl living in our house. It is a surprise that fills me with God's love and so much pride. I am proud of Grace and how far she has come since we got her in late November. I am proud of her bond with us and how she is a perfect fit into our family. I am so thankful that God picked her to be a Smith because it seems like she was made for us. Well, I know she was made specifically for us.

Tonight while eating dinner, Ryan said "don't you just want to know what she is thinking" as Grace sat there finishing her "izza" in her polka-dot swimsuit. Yes, I do. I want to know what she is thinking as these crazy white people keep having her try new things, love on her and take her places. Then there is the serious part of that question: I want to know if she remembers the orphanage. I want to know if she remembers her friends and caregivers. I want to know if she misses that piece of her life.

I hope she does. I hope that she carries that piece with her always. That piece is such an important part of who she is and hopefully where she will go. That piece is how she got to us.

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Jenn 24:12 said...

What beautiful words! They brought me to tears. You are so right that we are all who we are because of our experiences and where we have been. Grace's first 2 1/2 years shaped her into being that piece of the puzzle that your family needed. God is so good!!
Jenn Blake