Thursday, May 6, 2010

I am sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. My children are having a grand time riding bikes, jump roping, and blowing bubbles. Two children look like me. One child has a much better tan than me. Two children are my flesh and blood. One child is a product of my faith.

Summer is almost here and we are in our normal routine. Warm weather beckons us outside and encourages us to be more active. Winter is long gone and so is the newness of our recent journey. Yesterday I posted a blog that I encouraged you to read. This young lady is in a country far away. She is writing about experiences that she is having in Rwanda. Her words took me back to that time, that place. She slapped me in the face with the reality.

127 children are living in the Home of Hope. 127 children don't have a family. Now, some of those children will soon have families as there are several dossiers waiting to be matched. But what about the children that won't have families...ever. What will their story be?

As we live our day to day lives, I often am taken back inside those blue metal gates. Wondering what I can do. Wondering what God is asking me to do.

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