Friday, June 4, 2010

Turning a corner

This week I have noticed a lot of little things. I do believe Grace is turning the corner in her affections for me. Since we first met our little Grace, she has been attached to Papa like white on rice. She loves her Papa with all that she is and that hasn't changed.

However, over the last week she has been much more affectionate with me. She is coming up and hugging me unprompted. This is big for me. For the last 6 months, I have had to get a hug from her or ask for a kiss. This week she has just come up and given me a hug for no reason. She is not crying (as much) when Papa leaves her and she is not asking for Papa all. day. long.

She and I are having a better time together. She is obeying me better (more than she was). She is engaging with me instead of worried about wear Papa is. We are communicating better. Our social worker said it would be summer before Grace settled into our family and she started acting more "normal." I am seeing this change before my own eyes.

I am thankful for her affections for her Papa. I am glad that she bonded so deeply with him. I am fine if he is always her favorite. But to be honest, I really was feeling left out. Grace always wanted Ryan, always. This broke my heart as I wanted to cuddle, comfort and enjoy my daughter. I worked so hard to bring her home. My soul ached for her all that time while we were in our process. My heart is now filled with a new joy as Grace is loving on her mama. Thank you God for our new normal.

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