Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day for the US & Rwanda!

Today, the 4th of July, is our great country's Independence Day as well as the last day of the Rwandan genocide. On this day we declared our country's freedom as well as the Rwandan's taking their country back.

Here are a few pics from today...
Tommorowland Transit.
Grace is still working on LOOKING at the camera. Smile is down pat.

Swiss Family Treehouse

driving a boat, such concentration

Mimi and Kay driving a race car

It took G about 3.4 seconds to crash. This is how we all feel :)

Grace also loved the fireworks. She kept saying "more, more." She is officially obsessed with "me me mouse" (note the pjs) and really did great on the trip. The big kids had a blast and we got all activities but 2 done on our list. We are all anxious to get home and see Ryan. We have missed him! So tomorrow we had back to our sweet little house in our cozy little town. Can't wait.

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brenda said...

When K drove she insisted on looking at the people behind us............thank goodness we were connected by rail.